Be Solid


We are Solid Sun Logistics.  We believe in the sun, and the great outdoors. We believe that life is best lived under the sun.  We understand that the sun is damaging, and that our environment is damaged.  We hold ourselves accountable for, and are invested in the world that we live in.  We create products based on these beliefs for people who share in these beliefs. 

Although our products boast superiority and make us elite among sun protection and skin care companies, we proudly maintain that our products don’t define us. 

Solid is a community of like-minded humans who share common threads in the fabric of life.  A Solid Human feels kinship with the ocean and the great outdoors. He/She recreates, unwinds, and exercises in these places. He/She loves these places. He/She protects these places and expects the companies that he/she support to do the same.   A Solid Human demands the highest quality products from ethical and transparent companies. A Solid Human goes the extra mile on the road less traveled.  A Solid Human is, in every aspect of the word, Solid.

 Through this journal we will curate handpicked content that proliferates and promotes our common objective of affecting people and the environment positively. We will keep you abreast of events we are supporting and articles, art, film and photography that we think are important. We will share the stories of our ambassadors, who we feel embody the essence of being Solid. We will also promote the initiatives of the non-profit organizations that we support. Think of this page as a periodic dose of feel good stoke.

Again, thank you for choosing Solid. But, moreover, thank you for being Solid.

Taylor Cotton