If you sail competitively and you don’t already religiously listen to Brooks Clark’s podcast, BOATS N’ PROSE, you’re blowing it. It’s hands down the best way to keep your fingers on the sailing world pulse.  From America’s Cup news and juicy rumors to cutting edge team racing insight to collegiate sailing fashion trends and everything in between, Brooks keeps us on top of it.


BNP features an impressive guest list of Olympians, Paralympians, World Champions, coaches, and the top youth sailors from around the country which makes every episode a must listen. His knack for pulling out insightful, interesting, and often times hilarious content out of the sailing world’s best is uncanny and his passion for our sport is contagious.  We are so excited that BOATS N’ PROSE is back and we are even more excited to be a BNP supporter.  Now you can listen for Solid specials and promotions lightly peppered in the BNP podcast.  Staying in the sailing know and saving on Solid at the same time? WIN N’ WIN! 


Go to to have a listen or subscribe on iTunes and Soundcloud so you can have the latest episode of BNP as soon as it drops, and access to the entire BNP archive.

Taylor Cotton