Matt Bissell

Life Philosophy:

Be a good person. Love what you do. Eat good food. I am trying to leave as small of a footprint on this planet as possible. I’m not sure zero impact is realistic, but it is a fun and rewarding goal to shoot for.      

To me, the ocean represents:

Freedom. Peace. A playground. A resting place. Fear.    

Favorite Activity:

Surfing, sailing. 

aquatic equipment of choice:

6’4” Mark Richards round pin single fin. Found it on a work trip in Panama City, Fl. I did not think there would be any waves there so I just brought a wetsuit. Turns out the gulf coast gets fun little wind swell fairly regularly. I do feel a little guilty riding such a piece of surfing history, but it is seriously one of the best boards I have ever ridden. I have to remind myself that no matter how special a board is, all boards were built to ride waves.